Marijuana will be a hot topic when the Louisiana Legislature begins its annual session Monday, March 10th. There will be 15 bills, ranging from senate bill 87, aimed at increasing penalties for its possession and distribution to Senate bill 541, aimed at broadening its medical use.
Medical use of marijuana was approved by the legislature in 1991. It's proven useful in the treatment of Glaucoma, Epilepsy, and Multiple Sclerosis.
KATC reports, Senator Fred Mills, of ST. Martin Parish, drafted bill 541 to clarify issues of prescribing, distributing and dispensing marijuana. Mills says bill 541 is not aimed at legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.
"If you do have a patient that's not responding to conventional therapy, there's been a demand and need to address medical marijuana and make that available to the public for specific reasons."    - Senator Fred Mills.

WWL reports governor Bobby Jindal supports the availability of marijuana for medical use. When to bill goes to committee, up to 200 people will be allowed to testify in support of,  or opposition to it. What's your opinion?