There are a several 'groups' in Acadiana who meet on a regular basis to enjoy a meal, swap stories, catch up on current events, or try to solve the World's problems.  Becoming a member of one of these groups, or 'clubs', might be great for your health (that is: if you eat broccoli and drink water at every meeting).

When I meet up with our group, I usually have a #1, no onions, extra pickles, with fries and a Dr. Pepper.  For breakfast.  So this group might not help me become healthier, but we sure do have fun!

What is good about meeting up with our group?  Friends, laughs, stories, jokes, meeting new people, etc.

I have been friends with half of them for 10 years or so, but met the other half just 2 years ago.

And, usually while we are there, other 'regulars' come in for their weekly meeting; some come in alone to read their newspaper or book while they eat breakfast.  After seeing them for several weeks in a row, it begins with a "Good morning!" for a few weeks, and then conversations usually start up about weather, UL Sports, or current events.  Then those people become a 'satellite' member of the group, so-to-speak.  It really is a lot of fun.

According to, there are psychological benefits to joining 'organized' clubs that can help make you a better person.  For students, in general, joining clubs has a positive impact on grades.

Whether it's a car club (JEEP club!!), quilting bee, a card game, supper or breakfast club, you'll make friends, learn new things, go to new places, and, above all else, you'll probably learn something about yourself!