It was reported last week that the trial of 54-year-old James Panos has been postponed by a federal judge. Prosecutors  asked for more time to prepare their case, because they intend to introduce a lot of evidence & call more than 30 witnesses. Panos' Carencro strip club , Desperado's was raided last December in a drug and prostitution investigation.
A Baton Rouge newspaper reports the federal government has begun moving to seize the premises. Panos' attorney says Panos doesn't own the property.
This begs a question, What do they want to do with it? The federal government seized America's most famous brothel, Nevada's Mustang Ranchin 1999, for tax fraud. Rumors persist to this day that the feds tried to run it themselves & lost money. It was eventually auctioned off and is still in business today.

Who but the government could lose money selling sex & booze?