If you are looking for something to occupy yourself and the kids while they are out of school this week (or the Christmas break, etc), the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Lafayette Science Museum is a pretty big deal!

For just $2 for the kids and $5 for adults (there is a senior discount), it's a great way to spend the afternoon! Kids of all ages will be wide-eyed at the displays that are set up, including a gigantic T-Rex!  Be sure to use the entrance that is located nearest Parc Sans Souci, as there is a T. Rex taking up the whole lobby!

Keith, one of the guides at the museum, explained that the exhibit is on loan from the American Museum of Natural History in New York. The exhibit needed 4 eighteen-wheeler trucks to make the trip from New York to Lafayette!

Real dinosaur bones, fossilized over millions of years, are on display (you can even touch some of them!). There is a mock-up of what the earth was like way back when, with recreations of many animals that roamed the planet at the time.

There is also a display that uses a 1/10 scale replica of a T Rex skeleton IN FULL WALKING MOTION!  Look!

While at the Lafayette Science Museum and Planetarium, don't forget about the 'planetarium'! Dave Hostetter, Planetarium Curator and all-around nice guy, is very knowledgeable and passionate about the stars, planets, constellations, galaxies and nebulae!  There's a page on the museum's website dedicated to the schedule of events/programs for the planetarium, as well as an astronomer's forecast.

Also, while you are walking around, you'll know just how large of an exhibit this really is: the museum ran out of room to store the crates used to transport the exhibit!  The crates are stored in plain sight, but the museum curators are so dead-set on educating you about anything under the sun, they use the opportunity to teach you more!  They have posted notes on the crates to give you even more insight to the exhibit!  (Be sure to read the notes that are posted, some are quite witty!)

The exhibit runs through the middle of March, and is quite a bargain for the whole family.  (Shhh!  I promise not to tell the kids about the educational aspect of the display!)

For more information, visit the Lafayette Science Museum website or call them at 337-291-5544