Step away from the drink machine! Read this before your next trip to the grocery store! Researchers have now determined that people who drink two or more diet sodas per day experienced a waist size increase 70 percent greater than those who stayed away from diet soda.

Dr. Martin P. Paulus, a professor of psychiatry at the University of California San Diego, and an author of the study, says it is certainly possible to gain weight drinking something with zero calories. Here's how he explains it: “Your senses tell you there’s something sweet that you’re tasting, but your brain tells you, ‘Actually, it’s not as much of a reward as I expected.' So you chase that no-calorie soda with something more caloric, like a salty snack. The sweet taste could also trigger your body to produce insulin, which blocks your ability to burn fat.”

Dr. Kevin has talked about this on Wellness Wednesday, too.  Water is the best choice.