I learned to make vegetable soup from my Mom and it's one of only a handful of things I cook. Mom never used frozen or canned vegetables and neither do I. (I did add one ingredient to my version, though.) We eat it year-round, but it's especially good on a cold or rainy day, and a nice alternative to gumbo. My recipe uses a pressure cooker, so it cooks really fast, but you can make it without one.


1 Soup Bunch, plus whatever other vegetables you like (half a cabbage, an onion, a turnip, 2 carrots, 1 onion, 1 stalk of celery, 1 bell pepper, 1 potato, 1 ear of corn, about 15 green beans, 1 tomato)

About 3/4 lb. of stew meat

1 tbsp of Better Than Bouillion



Put about half a pressure cooker full of water on to boil.

Wash all the vegetables.

Peel the onion, turnip, carrots and potato.

Cut the corn off the cob.

Cut vegetables into spoon size chunks.

If the meat is cut into big chunks, cut into bite-sized chunks. (You want it to fit on a spoon.)

Stir in the Better Than Bouillion (and/or you can also add a small can of tomato sauce, if you like.)

When the water is boiling, add the cabbage and allow it to cook down a bit (about 5 mins.)

Add the meat and the vegetables (cooker should be about 3/4 full.)

Return to a boil.

Stir, then put the top on.

When the cooker comes to pressure, lower the heat to simmer.

Set timer for 25 mins.

Get the butter out of the refrigerator and make a box of Jiffy cornbread.

Everything will be ready at the same time. Just remember to cool the cooker under running water or the soup will splatter your entire kitchen!


This batch will feed 6 people.