As if Bristol making it to the finals wasn't a surprise enough, now, someone's gone post September 11th with the white powder.

The "DWTS" finale is causing death threats to be sent the way of Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas. Yes, both of them have been the targets of recent death threats. This is where it has to just stop. Fans aren't happy with Bristol Palin being in the final three of the competition on "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC, but there needs to be a line drawn somewhere.
Wasn't the fact someone caused an Anthrax scare back on Friday bad enough? That is right. Someone sent powder in a fan letter addressed to Bristol Palin. That led to clearing of the "DWTS" offices while the FBI investigated the powder to find out what it was. It was discovered to only be talcum powder. That was a breath of relief, but now things are even more tense?