The couple that sleeps together doesn’t necessarily stay together.  One in ten adults say they sleep in different rooms than their partners every night!  How can this be?  Is this not a sign of commitment.  Does this mean my significant other doesn't love me like he/she used to love me? Some couples say they don't sleep in separate beds every night but just once a week.

Many couples regularly spend time apart from their partner during the day, with many admitting they even take separate vacations.  Traditionalists may agree, a couple should sleep together, vacation together and do most things together as a couple.  Experts say, not so fast, time apart can actually be good for a relationship.  Forty percent of couples say they believe their relationships are healthier because they maintain their independence from one another.   In fact, 5% credit sleeping in separate rooms for the success of their marriage!

If your spouse or significant other approached you today and asked to sleep in separate beds, would you be offended or would you welcome the idea into your relationship?

[Via:  Express]