Many weddings will be taking place in the Lafayette area this Summer. Heck, even Kim Kardashian says she's getting married. Well there is good news for Father's of the bride…the cost of weddings is going down! A survey found that couples are spending an average of $1,581 less on their weddings than they were several years ago, around $26,500 on their big day. Experts believe the penny-pinching trend is most likely due to the recession. So how are couples cutting back? Serving less food (only about 40% of couples serve sit-down meals at their receptions). And some are saving green by sending only digital invitations. Other couples opt to cut their guest lists and have smaller ceremonies instead of sacrificing important details. Guys are also spending less money on engagement rings. But there is one area where brides say they will not compromise - the dress. Over the past two years, the average amount spent on wedding dresses has actually increased by 20%.

[Via: MailOnline]