Recently I posted a video depicting celebrities without eyebrows to the KTDY website.  Today I received a picture of myself without

Dave Steel, a colleague, saw my story about celebrities without eyebrows and decided to have a little fun.  He Photoshopped a picture of me to show how I would look without eyebrows.  When I first opened the email and saw the picture, I have to tell you, I could tell something wasn't right but couldn't put my finger on it.  Initially, I thought he had aged me, and was trying to show me how I would look in a few years.  Then I read his note to me and realized he had taken off my eyebrows like in the video I had posted earlier.

I never knew eyebrows played that big of a roll in our 'look'.  Without eyebrows, men look weird but I have to tell you, women look even weirder.

Kenny Champagne/Staff