Adele's "Someone Like You" is a very emotional song for anyone who has suffered a loss of any type but especially a failed relationship.  Adele is my favorite 'new' artist at this point in my career and it may just be because she wrote the songs on her new album "21" about her ex and sings them with such emotion.

I am convinced that a human being can never really get over the loss of a true love 100%.  Whether it be death or otherwise.  Sure they say, "Time Heals All", but does the pain ever really go away way.  The pain may ease, but never is it completely gone.  One still has pictures, videos, memories and in the case of an ended relationship, you may still bump into that person.

I use God, therapy, and a good self - talking to just about everyday to try to get over the people that impacted my life and are now, for whatever reason, no longer in it.  Those exercises work, but never 100% percent.  So what does one do?  Well, this morning after Deb and I played the new Adele song, she made a comment to me that a friend of her's had said to her..."You never get over the pain, you just learn to get through it".  "You never get over the pain, you just learn to get through it"

I should be the smartest man on the planet, 'cause I feel like I'm learning everyday.