Like many, early this Thanksgiving morning, I was checking out Facebook when I happened upon a saying that we should all carry in our minds and souls forever.

I went to visit my Dad today for Thanksgiving.  I knew I would find the place, let's just say, below my Mother's standards and also mine.  If my Mom were alive she would kill him.  But I decided before I drove up that no matter what condition the house was in, I was going to do nothing but eat with him and visit with him.  Even though I was thinking, "where's the pressure washer", I was determined to devote 100% of my attention to my Dad and that's what I did.  And I think he liked that.

On my way home, I was thinking about life and the difference between what really matters and what is just plain crap.  And the fact that the toilet was leaking at my Dad's, even though he has decided to grow a garden INSIDE THE HOUSE, and the dogs have totally destroyed everything they can reach, listening to my Dad tell stories was nice.  He talked and talked.  And I listened and listened.  And of course we ate.  Popeye's was closed, thank you Winn Dixie!

The time we have on this Earth is so little, we should enjoy the things that really matter.  As I type this, I'm also preaching to myself.  We move so fast these days, we forget to stop and focus on family.

This morning I saw something on Facebook, that grabbed my attention.  Hope it does the same to you.