At 50-years-old, I did something for the first time in my life today and it happened along a beautiful area of Bayou Teche in Loreauville, La.  

Great food, a loving family, perfect weather and...raw eggs?  Introducing the Judice family's annual Easter gathering on their beautiful property along the bayou.

My dear friend who is like a brother to me, invited me to his family's annual Easter gathering where I met pretty much the whole family, which was roughly the population of a small town.

After enjoying great food and mouth watering deserts, yes desert(s) I went back several times, someone whom I didn't know showed up with a handful of playing cards and asked me to pick one.  I pulled the two of diamonds.  I was then asked to find the other person at this huge gathering with another two.  I asked why.  The people around me said, "To find your partner for the egg toss."  Since I had never participated in an egg throw, I reluctantly agreed.

Many participated while a handful of the more proper Southern Belles took their seats under trees to watch.  We started with 2 lines and fairly close together, opposite our egg throwing partner.  Everyone in one line threw the raw egg to the person in the other line.  If we made it, the next round, we were spaced even farther apart, and the other person threw it back.  That happened until all eggs were broken except one.  The two people with the last remaining unbroken egg, were deemed the winner.

My teammate Ray and I...WON!