Have you ever bought a product that had a sticky price tag in the most awkward place?  Why is this?  I don't understand it?

I bought plates today, plates!, a product that really shouldn't be used with the price tag still on it.  I bought 2 sets of 8, 16 plates total.  Everyone of them had 2 stickers on each.  And not the kind that come off easily.

Who makes the decision to put a price tag with enough stick on the back to hold the bumper on a car, on a PLATE!?  I understand some people switch price tags on merchandise in order to get a product at a cheaper price, so I get the concept of making a price tag that can't be removed and place on another item.  But there has to be a better way.

I videoed my new plates and there impossible to remove price tags.  Take a look.

CJ Buys Plates With Sticky Price Tags