Stories like this one disturb me, and I am sure that it will get your blood boiling as well:  a Chicago-area woman discarded her newborn because the child looked like her ex-boyfriend.

According to The Latest, Ana Rosa Mora, an 18-year-old high school student, gave birth to the child, and upon looking at it, realized that the baby resembled her ex-boyfriend, and not her current boyfriend.  She put the baby into a Walmart bag, and then tossed it into the trash.

Authorities said that the baby probably died from asphyxiation and exposure.

A few questions come to my mind as I read the story:  where are this girl's parents?  And doesn't everyone know about the baby safe-haven laws?

Parents, speak to your children, preferably BEFORE they get pregnant.  If they do get pregnant, make certain that they know that there are choices.


(Via The Latest)