The Lafayette Parish 4-H & FFA held their annual livestock show & sale at Blackham Coliseum in January. I did a remote broadcast & had the pleasure of meeting several of the outstanding young people who brought livestock to the event.

KTDY's parent company, Townsquare Media purchased a pig at the sale. We've done this in years past, and we enjoy a staff barbecue on a Friday spring afternoon.

Today was designated to be that day. We have several staff members whose cooking skills are more than adequate. Both JayCee and I have professional training and / or experience.

We’ve both attended barbecue seminars by the award winning Chris Marks  each of the past two years. As I type this, JayCee is preparing a delicious meal for all of us to enjoy on a glorious Friday afternoon.   From preliminary reports, the pork chops are tender, juicy, and oh so delicious!