I am not a businessman; I don't have a business 'sense' about me what-so-ever.  If I had, I would be making much more money than I make right now, believe me.

I am amazed, though, by the forethought/foresight that business 'persons' have (I mean successful business persons).  Apple, with the new iPhone, changed the charging port.

If you own the other incarnations of the device (the dinosaurs, if you will), and want to get an additional charger (one comes with the new phone) for the iPhone 5, you will have to either 1) buy a new charging cable or 2) buy the adapter to make your old charging cable work with the new device.  Either way, according to Mashable,  Apple will be making

at least $100 million in revenue from the new cables over the course of the next year"

Just by changing the charging port; $100 million.  That does NOT include the potential earnings from other devices (charging stands, other specialty items) that will be obsolete because of the new charging port.

I need an idea.  A simple, inexpensive, BIG idea.

(Via Mashable)