Weird News

Texas Jailbreak Saves Guard’s Life
You can't make this stuff up.The headlines are full of violence between civilians and police. Several inmates broke out of a holding cell after a guard collapsed from an apparent heart attack. You won't believe what happened next...
Has The Loch Ness Monster Been Found Dead?
The Legend of the Loch Ness Monster dates back to the 1870's. "Nessie was first referred to as a monster in 1933. Skeptics have dismissed sightings as anything from alcohol induced hallucinations to weather anomalies. There are those who believe. A man was walking a dog along the shore of …
Two Women Went Blind, It Can Happen To You
We hear of strange things happening to others and we think, that can never happen to us, right? Two women who recently went blind in one eye, never thought it could happen to them either.
Would You Dump Your Partner If You Won The Lottery?
I recently wrote a story about people in "Stepping stone" relationships. In these situations, one partner is "settling" while waiting for someone "better" to come along. It appears that a sudden windfall would prove to be a catalyst in that process...

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