CJ’s Daily Message: Fighting Frustration
Welcome back to the workweek. Debbie Ray and I was talking this morning about how it seemed like this weekend flew by. Hope you feel rested and ready to take on your week. Today's message is about not letting frustration rob you of your happiness.
CJ’s Daily Message: The Character Of A Person
It has been a beautiful Saturday. Today I went to a fundraiser in Cankton, Louisiana. It was gorgeous out in the country today. I was thinking about how many people who were making donations today and found a great quote from Abigail Van Buren along the same lines.
Elvis Fans, Get Ready For HBO’s ‘The Searcher’
Music fans and of course Elvis fans all over the world are anxiously awaiting the arrival of HBO's 'The Searcher'. A three-hour, two-film presentation. This documentary will be the latest effort to take the King of Rock and Roll into the 21st century and beyond introducing the mega …
Utah Lawmakers Try Rapping…And It’s Terrible
I'm sure most of us can recall the Schoolhouse Rock video that taught us how a bill becomes a law in the U.S. legislative process.
Utah lawmakers should have just posted "I'm Just A Bill" rather than making their cringe-worthy attempt at explaining the legislative process …
CJ’s Daily Message: A Lie Is A Lie
Oh how I love today's message. It's from the mind of Albert Einstein and it's simple but profound. A lie is a LIE. No matter how small or how big, a lie is a LIE. I'm always amazed at how people think if a person tells a small lie, they couldn't possibly tell a big one. …

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