CJ’s Daily Message: You Can Do The Impossible, You Really Can
Rain clears out today bringing on a new dawn, just like life. When life deals you a bad hand, sometimes it's hard to see the light of day. You may find yourself thinking getting out of life's big ditch is impossible. I'm here to tell you, anything is possible. You just need me to …
CJ’s Daily Message: I Go Off About A Bunch Of Stuff
Today, my message for everyone, tackles several different topics. I am sick of hearing about how horrible President Donald Trump is. Even if people are right in the way they feel about him, I'm simply tired of it. As a nation, can we please change the subject? I talk about Whoopi Goldberg. …
CJ’s Daily Message: The Key To Happiness
Oh this is a good one today. Happiness, you thing you've found it? Many of us we think have, but we aren't even close. Some people are constantly looking, but in all the wrong places. Today my friends I give you the key to unlock the secret to happiness.
Steve Wiley Kills The KTDY ‘Cooties’ [Video]
I swear, CJ is a 21st century Typhoid Mary! He picks up every bug that comes down the pike. This has been a tough flu season. We at KTDY haven't been lucky enough to avoid it. CJ, Debbie Ray, Jaycee, and I have all gotten the bug. CJ has been hit the hardest.

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