CJ Message Of The Day [Feb 11, 2018]
Two years ago today, my daughter Brittni was diagnosed with leukemia. Today she is in remission and works very very hard to keep her body as healthy as it can be. The last two years have been tough on our family. A child should never have to go through something like cancer and a parent should ne…
CJ Message Of The Day [Feb 10. 2018]
In today's 'CJ Message Of The Day' we explore the revamped forecast for the weekend and Mardi Gras. And the message today talks about being yourself. I really really like the message today.
CJ Message Of The Day [Feb 9, 2018]
The message today speaks about your 'Reputation'. Your reputation is not what YOU think of YOU, it's what others think of YOU. But there is one thing you CAN control.
CJ Message Of The Day [Feb 8, 2018]
Almost everywhere I've gone today, people were complaining about having a bad day or a bad week. I can't tell you how many people told me that yesterday in particular, was a horrible day. Hopefully, today's "CJ Message Of The Day" will help turn all that around.

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