’70 Seconds Of Saints’ Is Baaackk!! [Video]
It's been a long, arduous offseason. The Saints team that was expected by many to be the best in franchise history was a big disappointment. Coach Payton promised action would be taken. He was true to his word, and more...
Eat Lafayette 2015 Agave On Bertrand [Video]
Both locations of Agave are famous for their fantastic margaritas. They have a great selection of some of the finest tequilas in the world. Agave on Bertrand has quickly become a gathering place for folks to relax after work. it's also a great place to stop in before a UL game.
Happy National Teddy Bear Day!
September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day. Teddy bears have magical power. They can soothe a broken heart, scare monsters out from under the bed, be faithful companions and make people feel loved.
Calm Down, Who Dat Nation! [opinion]
The season hasn't even started. Many so-called Who Dats are already writing it off, and calling for Rob Ryan's head. Pre- season means nothing. Was Thursday night's performance unimpressive?...

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