Happy National Cheeseburger Day!
What's more American than a cheeseburger? The Hamburger was originally invented in Germany, but it's become a staple here in the US. I love 'em! Sometimes I make myself a cheeseburger fro breakfast. I love to experiment.
Budweiser Aims At Miller Takeover
If you're a Miller Lite drinker, you may soon be ordering a Budweiser...sort of. The world's largest brewer aims to get even bigger by taking over its biggest competitor. Belgian brewer Inbev acquired Anheuser Busch in 2008 for a reported 52 billion dollars, forming the world's larges…
La. Drivers Licenses May No Longer Be Valid Legal ID
If you fly, you're aware you need to present a valid photo ID to check in, and get your boarding pass. The same is true for entering federal offices, military bases, and courthouses. Your Louisiana drivers license may soon be invalid for those purposes.

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