Enjoy Commercial Free Music On 99.9 KTDY!
99.9 KTDY now features commerical free hours! That's right! An hour of uninterrupted, nonstop music, brought to you by MSTY, the Music Messenger. (Pronounced "Misty") MSTY lets you add music to your message.
Drew Brees Talks About Shoulder Injury
When Saints quarterback Drew Brees was injured in the Tampa Bay game, speculation was rampant about the nature and severity of his injury. How long would he be out? Would he ever be the same?
Happy National Coffee Day!
Tuesday has to be better than Monday, right? Absolutely! Today is National Coffee Day! The above photo is of the cup I'm enjoying as I write this. Wikipedia reports, the history of coffee goes back to 10th century Ethiopia. The National Coffee Association reports Americans spend $4 billion a ye…
Chubby Carrier At Rhythms On The River
Some people affectionately refer to Thursday as "Friday Eve." Why not?! Here, in Acadiana, we'll take any excuse to celebrate. Why not spend your Friday Eve with Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band at Rhythms on the River?

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