30th Anniversay Of The Largest Concert, Ever! ‘Live Aid’
On July 13th, 1985, a massive concert to benefit Ethiopian famine relieve was held on 2 continents. Live Aid featured 58 bands. There was a total o16 hours of music. 72,000 attended the performances at London's Wembley Stadium. Another 100,000 packed Philadelphia's John F. Kennedy Stadium.…
Will Blue Bell Ice Cream Be Back Soon?
Blue Bell ice cream hasn't been available since April. The company voluntarily recalled its entire product line after three people died, and seven individuals were sickened by contaminated Blue Bell products. All four of the company's plants have been idle since spring. CNN reports, the co…
UL May See Record Freshman Enrollment
The University of Louisiana at Lafayette reported record enrollment last year. More than 17,000 students enrolled in the University a year ago. With the fall semester just a few weeks away, UL may see a record Freshman class.
Lafayette Bicycle Loop Will Memorialize Mickey Shunick
The kidnapping and murder of Mickey Shunick made national headlines, and shook the Lafayette community like no event I've witnessed in 30 plus years of living here. The Lafayette City-Parish council has decided her memory will be preserved in the most fitting manner possible.
Is This The Best Cigarette Warning Yet?
Tobacco products come with warning labels, yet millions of people ignore them. In Mexico, public health officials take a different approach. Instead of appealing to people's concern for long term health, they publish a warning that appeals to machismo.
R.I.P. Louisiana Music Legend Camille “Li’l” Bob
I love music, especially music that comes from the heart. Camille "Li'l" Bob embodied that. He was born in Arnaudville in 1937. His Band Li'l Bob & The Lollipops were a favorite on the South Louisiana music scene for decades. They recorded, and performed from the 1950s into t…

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