Why Do The Saints Hold Training Camp In West Virginia?
The New Orleans Saints have pretty good facilities in Metairie. Why do they go to West Virginia to hold training camp? They go there because Greenbriar owner Jim Justice built them a home. Head coach Sean Payton caddied for Ryan Palmer at the Greenbriar Classic while serving his 2012 suspension. He …
Rhythms On The River Announces Fall Schedule 2015
Acadiana's rich tradition of great live music continues with the fall season of Rhythms on the River. It kicks off September 24th with The Chee -Weez. There will be six performances, concluding November 5th, with Shenandoah.
Here's the full schedule:
September 24: The Chee-Weez
October 1: Chubby Carrie…
Cheating Website Ashley Madison Hacked
In a nation where the divorce rate is about 50%, I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that website dedicated to adultery would have millions of members. Ashley Madison's website has reportedly been hacked, and the personal information of some of its members has been posted online.
Steve Gleason Asks Who Dat Nation For Help
Steve Gleason is a hero to Who Dat Nation. The statue outside the Mercedes Benz Superdome is a tribute to more than a blocked punt. It's emblematic of the resilience of the people of New Orleans in particular, and gulf coast residents in general. Steve typifies that. He's asking for help, …
Happy National Moon Day! [Video]
'We choose to do theses things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." These were the words of president John F. Kennedy when he set the goal of landing a man on the moon by the end of the 1960's
Man Robs Lemonade Stand After Being Given Free Lemonade
How low can you get?! A California man was arrested for robbing a lemonade stand...AFTER receiving free lemonade! KATC reports, two 13 year old girls were operating a lemonade stand in Rancho Cucamonga, when 18 year old Santini Tate told them he was thirsty, but had no money...
Happy World Emoji Day!!
I recently told you about the interesting "holidays" in July. "National Nude Day" was just a few days ago. "National Ice Cream Day," and "Moon Day" are fast approaching. July climaxes with "National Orgasm Day" on the 31st. Today, July 17th, is "…

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