Eunice Man Dies After Crash
Officers says that 62-year-old Betty Walker of New Iberia was driving down Center Street when she turned left into a private drive and into the path of Darrel Toepfer’s motorcycle.
Want Your Car To Cool Off Quicker?
It's summer In South Louisiana. With afternoon highs in the 90's, temperatures inside your car can easily top the 100 degree mark. If you're in and put of your car all day, this can make life miserable. It's customary to crank up the air conditioning in an effort to fill the car…
Robley Drive Closed Monday
Lafayette Consolidated Government has announced that a portion of Robley Drive will be closing for construction on Monday, June 23.
Jindal Signs Bill Banning Speed Cameras
Governor Bobby Jindal has signed into law a bill to ban speed cameras on Louisiana interstates. Critics of traffic cameras contend they're simply a not necessarily legal monetary enterprise, rather than an effort to promote public safety.

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