Want Your Car To Cool Off Quicker?
It's summer In South Louisiana. With afternoon highs in the 90's, temperatures inside your car can easily top the 100 degree mark. If you're in and put of your car all day, this can make life miserable. It's customary to crank up the air conditioning in an effort to fill the car…
There’s No Such Thing As A Healthy Tan!
Gettting a healthy tan this summer? Forget it! There's no such thing. Tanning is your skin's response to damage resulting from exposure to the sun's UV rays. Elevated production of melanin darkens the skin to protect it from further damage. Tanning has been fashionable for less than 1…
Beware Of Snakes In Flood Water
I've seen a lot of video of kids playing in flood water the past couple of days. Each time, I've yelled at my TV, computer or smartphone, "Watch out for snakes!!" They abound in south Louisiana, and many of them are poisonous. Snakes like the water just as much as humans do.
Wish You Had A Boat? Build One! [Video]
God told Noah to build an ark. You may have wished you had done so, given our recent weather. I was sitting in my office, trying to think of something to write about other than the weather & flooding, but that's dominated my consciousness all day.

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