Steve Wiley Hits The Pool…In March! [Video]
I'm a Cancer. That's a "Water Sign." In my case, it really fits. I've always loved the water. I don't generally venture to the "Cement Pond" this early in the year, but something compelled me to put my feet in, and the rest of me...
Unusually Harsh Winter Frustrates Canadian Authorities [Video]
I was born & raised a little over an hour from the Canadian border. The winters are typically harsh. The locals are generally pretty good at coping with the severe conditions. This winter, however, has been particularly brutal. Canadian authorities are especially frustrated at a recent spike in …
Black Friday Fight Videos
Americans have come accustom to retailers offering deep discounts on black Friday, many times only having a limited number of items on sale. Sometimes normally nice people, become crazed maniacs when trying to score a deal.

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