Thank You, Acadiana! From All Of Us At Townsquare Media
The generosity of people in south Louisiana is amazing. We take care of our own here in Acadiana. The radio stations of Townsquare, Lafayette have asked for help in providing Christmas gifts for seniors, homeless children, and others less fortunate than ourselves. The response has been overwhelming!
When will 99.9 KTDY Start Playing Christmas Music?
When will we start playing Christmas music on 99.9 KTDY? It WON'T be before Thanksgiving Day. One holiday at a time. Our listeners haven't been demanding Christmas music, and we're seeing a lot of social media users complain about retail stores "jumping the gun."
70 Seconds Of Saints: More Good Things Ahead?
The Saints & Giants played an epic game at the Superdome last Sunday. The combined total of 101 points was the 3rd highest in NFL history. This begs a question, Did they leave everything on the field, or is this the beginning of a renaissance?...
A Fun Thing You Can Do To Not Catch A Cold
It's that time of year again, cold and flu season. Experts say wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, ask co-workers to stay home if they become sick, etc. are all ways to lower the risks of catching a cold or flu. But Cosmopolitan magazine says there's one way to lower your chances of get…
70 Seconds Of Saints, Wk 7: Jekyll & Hyde [Video]
Wow! Who are the New Orleans Saints?! Are they the team that got destroyed by Philadelphia, or the team that handed the Dirty birds their first loss of the season, making the Falcons' vaunted offensive line look really bad? They're a little of both, I guess...

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