5 US Hotspots Where Hurricanes May Cause Severe Damage
Everyone knows that the last two hurricane seasons have been pretty bad. But just how bad were they?
Experts say that actually we had just gotten used to an unnaturally low level of hurricane activity, with relatively few major hurricanes hitting the East Coast over the last 30 years.
Can Sunscreen Be Considered a Drug?
Last week, a mom in Tacoma, WA. went public after her fair-skinned young daughters came home from an all-day field trip badly sunburned because teachers weren’t allowed to provide them with sunscreen.
Now the policies that led to the incident are being re-examined.
There’s A Website To Help You Buy American
There's a new website to help you buy American. It's called US Groove. They've researched, a variety of all-American products.  You can read unbiased reviews on products from appliances, to sunglasses and audio equipment.
Creole String Beans at Downtown Alive
The Creole String Beans take the stage at Parc Sans Souci for Downtown Alive this Friday, May 18th.
Concessions open at 5:30. The music starts at 6:00. Downtown Alive is produced by Downtown Lafayette Unlimited. All ages are welcome. Admission is free...
How To Make Popsicles [VIDEO]
How to make Popsicles at home?  The other night I was out trying to hunt down a banana Popsicle.  I finally found a bag of artificially flavored banana Popsicles at Walmart.  I only wanted one or two but ended up having to buying this gigantic bag because they were the only banana fla…

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