See How A Crawfish Builds A Hole [VIDEO]
Ever wondered how a crawfish builds a hole?  I live out in Judice, La. near crawfish ponds and I have crawfish holes all over the yard.  Many weren't there yesterday, so how do they do it?
Homemade Ice Cream In 5 Minutes
Homemade ice cream in 5 minutes, no way...yes way!  And it's so easy!  As the temperature starts to rise, here's a simple, quick way to have tasty homemade ice cream in minutes.
How To Set A Table [VIDEO]
It's Easter weekend and you'll probably have family over, and if you're not totally sure how to set the table for their arrival, this video will help.
All OTC Allergy Medications Reviewed
Allergy season is here and with all the over the counter allergy medications, one can find themselves spending an hour in the middle of the drug isle reading labels trying to figure out which allergy medication is best.

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