Summer Cookouts Are A Bargain
The typical summer picnic, including hot dogs, cheeseburgers and other fare cost an average of $57.20 for 10 people. That's $5.72 per person. That's a better deal than a fast food combo.
How To Tell If A Watermelon Is Ripe [VIDEO]
This summer, you may find yourself in your favorite grocery store trying to decide how to tell which one of the hundreds of watermelons in front of you is the ripest, there are two ways to find the sweetest ripest one for your family.
MoJeax At Rhythms On The River Rescheduled For May 30th
MoJeaux was originally scheduled to perform at Rhythms On The River April 11th. The event was rained out.
They've rescheduled for Thursday, May 30th, from 5:30- 8:30 pm, in the River Ranch Town Square.
Rhythms is presented by River Ranch Development, and sponsored in part by 99.9 KT...

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