City Police Announce Festival Parking Restrictions
Festival International De Louisiane is this Wednesday through Sunday (Apr. 23- 27). City police are making preparations for the influx of people, and traffic to the Hub City.
Several parking restrictions will be in effect downtown during the festival.
Summertime Casting Call For Teens & Single Parents
ThA major TV network is planning a summer docu-series about single parents, and their teenage children. They're looking for teenagers, aged 14-20 and their single parents to embark on a summer adventure to be filmed for air on a major TV network.
Saints Begin Rebuilding Today
You may not think of a team that went 12-6 last season as being in a rebuilding stage, but the New Orleans Saints are. They're clearly looking to rejuvenate their roster. Will Smith, Jabari Greer, Jonathan Vilma, Roman Harper, and Lance Moore were big contributors to the first Super Bowl Champi…
Downtown Alive To Feature Bigger Bands This Spring!
People have been asking me, "When's Downtown Alive starting up?" The answer is....March 21st! The spring 2014 season of DTA kicks off with The UL Big Band, and Johanna Divine in Parc Sans Souci.
There will be fewer events this season, but bigger bands. Yes, it's still free!
Steve Wiley’s Rooting For The Broncos. Who Do You Support?
With Eli playing for the Giants, whose home stadium the game is being played in, and Peyton playing for the Broncos, I DON'T want Seattle to win this game. I lived in Denver for a couple years, along with several family members. The first NFL game I ever attended was an AFC championship game at…
How Do You Pronounce Ro-Tel?
This is the first I've heard of this: one of my co-workers asked me if I knew how to pronounce "Ro-Tel" properly.  I told him that I didn't know that there was another way to pronounce it!

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