Polyester Power Hour

Win Polyester Power Hour Tickets!
The chance is now for you to win tickets to the Polyester Power Hour Party NEXT FRIDAY at Nitetown, Downtown!  How you ask?  It's easy!  Just click the link and enter.  You don't even have to be a member to win (but sign up anyway because there are always tons of fabulo…
Polyester Power Hour Party Tickets Now Available
The date is Friday, February 17th. The place is NiteTown. The band is Krossfyre.
Win free tickets from KTDY - just listen for your chance to call in & win! A limited number of tickets are $9.99 at Nitetown during business hours or at www.nit...
Polyester Power Hour Party Announcement
It's official! The 2012 Polyester Power Hour Party, sponsored by Moss Motors, will be on the Friday before Mardi Gras, February 17, at NiteTown Downtown featuring the one and only Krossfyre! Retro Costume Contest, Jingles the Clown, Kenny Champagne Photography...
Polyester Power Hour – Thanksgiving Edition
CJ promises a perfectly delicious edition of the Polyester Power Hour tomorrow - don't miss it! And on Friday, we'll play Christmas music all day for your Black Friday shopping adventures! Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for letting us into your ears and lives...
Polyester Power Hour Halloween Edition [VIDEOS]
Tomorrow, October 28th, Debbie Ray and I will spotlight Halloween themed songs on the Polyester Power Hour (PPH) Halloween Edition.  Every year, KTDY listeners usually request their favorites like, 'Thriller', 'Marie Laveau', 'Ghostbusters', just to name a few.
Will Dance For Song Request: Office Moonwalk
What will you do to hear your favorite song on the Polyester Power Hour?
Email from Blaise:
We always have the Poly Poho cranked up in our office and in our shop every Friday.  Can you please play Michael Jackson -Billie Jean?   I promise I’ll  moon walk across the …
Ty-D-Bol Commercial From 1971
Remember this Ty-D-Bol commercial? When it aired originally, some people thought showing a toilet tank on television was disgraceful. Imagine what they think now!
‘The Rain’ By Oran ‘Juice’ Jones [VIDEO]
CJ pulled this song out of a dusty crate somewhere this morning. Whether you heard it on the Polyester Power Hour  or missed it, you are going to want to see this video! Love the guys in the tuxedos who just appear in the background! Enjoy 'The Rain' by Oran 'Juice&apos…

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