Polyester Power Hour

Very Young Polyester Power Hour Fan [VIDEO]
The Polyester Power Hour is one of the most listened to shows on radio in Lafayette. The music brings back memories for many, but some people who weren't even thought of when the music first came out can still enjoy it.
It’s Our Anniversary!
Sixteen years ago today, January 22nd, 1997, CJ, Debbie Ray & I walked into the studios of 99.9 KTDY and went on the air. It was the beginning of a run that none of us had imagined.
‘Swing the Mood’ Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers [VIDEO]
'Swing the Mood' by Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers is a song Debbie Ray and I play occasionally on the Polyester Power Hour on Friday mornings.  Without fail, every time we play it, we get calls and emails wanting to know the name and artist.
Cat Dances To PPH!!
I thought that this was perfect!!  A cat listening to the Polyester Power Hour!
(Via Reddit)
Donna Summer: 1948-2012
When I heard of the death of Donna Summer this morning, my thoughts went immediately to my best friend Keith LeBlanc, who lost his battle with cancer two years ago.  Keith was a huge fan of "Lady Donna" (as I heard him call her on occasion).  Keith opened my eyes to the &…

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