Pickle Juice Drinks: Yeah Or Nay?
I came across this story in People about Sonic adding Pickle Slushes to their menu.
Before we get to the palatability of pickles (yum!) and pickle juice (not!), let's look at the health benefits of pickles and pickle juice. According to Healthline, pickles are loaded with probiotics which are th…
Villians That Warped My Childhood
There were a few programs on television with characters that scared the heebiejeebusses out of me, one even scaring me into blaming the wet carpet on the dog.
Jessica’s Year-End Blog Post
From stories about her vehicle to her kettlebell progress to her journey through the Bible, I hope you enjoy reading Jess's blog as much as I do!
Is This The Best Batter Recipe For Fried Shrimp? [VIDEO]
If one were to try and make fried shrimp at home that look and taste like those found in our amazing Cajun restaurants, some of us would fail miserably myself being one of those people. My favorite food on earth is large golden fried shrimp. Now just what is entailed in making perfect tasting frie…
Two Great Bumper Stickers, Thought I’d Share Them [CJ’S OPINION]
I once had a bumper sticker that read, "Who Died And Made You Elvis". Being a big Elvis Presley fan, I considered it pretty harmless, until I got read in the parking lot of Acadiana Mall. I remember it being a beautiful day, I was in a great mood. Drove up in a Mitsubishi Diamante, I lo…

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