Why Did A Cop Pay For The Items A Woman Shoplifted?
When a New Hampshire policeman responded to a call about a shoplifter, he did something totally unexpected. The officer paid for the items the woman had stolen. Michael Kotsonis investigated the theft and went to the woman's home to recover the items, and make an arrest. Kotsonis got a surpris…
Trucker Steals $110,000 Worth Of Beef
More than 20 tons of ground beef was recently stolen by a trucker who'd been contracted to deliver it. The meat was loaded onto a truck at Nicholas meat in Loganton, Pa. on November 21st, for delivery to a company in Milwaukee. The shipment never arrived.
The Guy Who Invented Ibuprofen Had A Hangover
What's your favorite hangover remedy? Mine's ibuprofen and "Hair of the Dog." They say necessity is the mother of invention. reports, a night of over indulgence in the 1960's led to the "discovery" of the popular pain reliever.

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