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70 Seconds Of Saints Week 16 [Video]
The Saints won a shootout on the road in Arizona. Neither side played a lot of defense. the result was the highest scoring game of the 2016 NFL season. Now, it's a Christmas Eve home game against division rival Tampa...
BP To Launch Major Project In The Gulf Of Mexico
BP, PLC has announced plans to go forward with a major project in the gulf. They've reworked a 2013 proposal, trimming the cost of Mad Dog Phase 2 from $20 billion to $9 billion. Analysts see the decision to go forward as an indication of optimism in the future of oil prices.
70 Seconds Of Saints Week 13 [Video]
Last Sunday, Sean Payton went deep into the playbook, and the Saints dropped 49 points on the Rams' Gregg Williams led defense. If the Saints play like that the rest of the way, they'll still have a shot at the playoffs...

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