See The Newly Renovated Cajundome In This Awesome Video
After being closed 6 months for a multi-million dollar renovation, the Cajundome is reopening with the first event being UL basketball tomorrow night. From a re-coated roof, to new concession stands, to a completely newly designed arena, the Cajundome is reborn but remember it's roots.
Homeless Veteran Numbers Low In Acadiana
The number of homeless veterans in Acadiana is dropping, and that's not by accident.
Several agencies have been working together to bring the total number of homeless veterans in Acadiana down to 0 by the end of 2016, and they are succeeding.
Road Markings On Pont Des Mouton
According to a law enforcement official I spoke with, motorists must follow the lines on the road, as they take precedence over the "common sense" approach to driving. Go figure.
10 Reasons Why The Acadiana Symphony ROCKS, And You Need To Go!
There are preconceived notions about almost everything in life: when you go to get a shot, you think it will hurt when, in actuality, it doesn't always. When you have to go to your mother-in-law's house you think you'll be berat…
Pastor Jacob Aranza With A Prayer For Acadiana And Louisiana [VIDEO]
Most churches canceled services today due to high water, closed roadways and personal devastation caused by heavy rains over the past few days. No matter what church you belong to, what denomination you are, or who your pastor, minister or priest is, stop what you're doing for 45 seconds. Sh…

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