Thank You, Acadiana! From All Of Us At Townsquare Media
The generosity of people in south Louisiana is amazing. We take care of our own here in Acadiana. The radio stations of Townsquare, Lafayette have asked for help in providing Christmas gifts for seniors, homeless children, and others less fortunate than ourselves. The response has been overwhelming!
‘Dirty Santa’ Gift Exchange At 99.9 KTDY
Thanks to people like you, the folks you hear on 99.9 KTDY have been together for a long time. CJ, Debbie Ray, and myself have been working together for more than 21 years. Bernadette Lee has been part of this madness for 19 years, and Jaycee 18. Chris Meaux (the only one w/ enough sense to also ha…
What’s Going On In The 99.9 KTDY Studio? Steve’s Lunch!
First time visitors to our studio are usually fascinated, and sometimes surprised, to see what goes on "behind the scenes." We work crazy hour around here (Debbie Ray generally arrives around 5:15 am). I'm on the air at lunch time, and sometimes end up not having lunch, or settling fo…

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