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Whole Foods Cereal Recall
FDA says peanuts were found in packages, and peanuts are not listed in the ingredients, creating a risk for those with allergies.
When Using A Debit Card, Should You Select Debit Or Credit?
What is the difference between the 'credit' and 'debit' options when using your debit card? If you use the 'credit' option, does that mean your debit card all of a sudden becomes equal to your credit card? Depending on what option you choose, does the money come out o…
You Can Now Buy A ‘Bob Ross Chia Pet’
There is so many things happening in our country right now, we need to talk about something that can make us all us happy. I just found out that a "Bob Ross Chia Pet" exists in this world, and I'm drowning in my tears of joy.

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