It’s National Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Need A Refresher?
We've all been annoyed by someone talking too loud nearby, or discussing personal situations we don't want to know about. I've been on dinner dates with ladies who paid more attention to their phones than me. Maybe I'm not "Mr. Excitement", but come on...Has a phone eve…
Are Solar Powered Roads The Wave Of The Future? [Video]
Are Solar roadways the wave of the future? Its inventors think so. Scott & Julie Brusaw developed the technology in 2006, with support from the Federal Highway Administration. "Solar Freakin' Roadways" are made using largely recycled materials. The road is constructed of hexagona…
Jindal Signs Bill Banning Speed Cameras
Governor Bobby Jindal has signed into law a bill to ban speed cameras on Louisiana interstates. Critics of traffic cameras contend they're simply a not necessarily legal monetary enterprise, rather than an effort to promote public safety.

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