5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Wifi Speed [VIDEO]
No one likes wasting their time watching a website take forever to load, and the bane of all video streaming is buffering -- but these five tips will help you avoid those hassles and make your ever-increasing dependence on the internet a lot easier.
You’ll Soon Have A New Way To Listen To 99.9 KTDY!
Thanks to modern technology, you can listen to 99.9 KTDY virtually anywhere in the world. You can listen on the air, or stream online at 999ktdy.com. You can also listen on your Apple or Android device, using our free app, "Radiopup." Inside Radio reports, you'll soon have an addition…
Seagull Steals GoPro Camera
GoPro cameras are extremely popular right now. You can easily put them anywhere and film just about anything. They're so easy to use, even a seagull can use one.
Tell Siri You Are Naked
My friend Jilligan sent me a text. It said "Tell Siri you are naked! She has a few different reactions!". So I did it, and here are some of the results.
My iPhone Isn’t Charging Properly
I thought that it was odd that my iPhone battery was losing charge quickly, but then I realized "Hey, my iPhone isn't charging properly"! It was an easy fix!
Happy 10th Birthday, Youtube!
Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and Pinterest have changed the way people all over the world interact. Youtube has changed social media. The video sharing website is celebrating ten years...

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