What’s The “Next Big Thing?” Ask Shazaam
More than 88 million people use the music app "Shazaam." I'm one of them. I was watching 'Dallas' and wanted to know about the song playing at the end. Shazaam told me it was "Come Unto Me" by the Mavericks.
The smartphone app not only enables us to …
Facebook Knows When You Fall In Love
I've said (only half-jokingly) Facebook is an intelligence gatherer for an invading army from space. We share Everything about ourselves in social media, and marketing firms are using that data to target potential customers.
Should You Pump ABS Brakes In Snow And Ice? [VIDEO]
Two winter storms in a week in south Louisiana has drivers asking, should brakes on a vehicle equipped with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) be pumped or should the driver just let the computer system do it's thing?

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