Happy 60th Birthday, Fender Stratocaster Guitar!
I was a small boy the first time I heard the sound of an electric guitar. I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever heard...still do!
In 1954, Leo Fender, George Fullerton, and Freddie Tavares designed an instrument that would change sound of music, the Fender Stratocaster guitar...
Festival International Has Free Wifi!
You probably know the frustration of being at a great event and being unable to contact friends on your mobile device. Calling, texting, and posting to social media become difficult or impossible. Great news! Festival International de Louisiane 2014 has free Wifi.
Bride Checks Phone During Her Wedding! [Video]
A bride checking her phone during her wedding?! Are you serious?! The girl's father had just walked her down the aisle when she pulled her phone out of her bra to check it. This has got to be an unparalleled low in digital etiquette!...Or lack thereof!
La. May Designate Two Acadiana Towns As ‘Speed Traps’
Two Acadiana towns that generate most of their revenue from speeding fines may soon be designated as "speed trap towns"
by the State of Louisiana.The Jeff Davis town of Fenton generates nearly 90% of its revenue from traffic fines. Washington, in St. Landry Parish comes in second at 70%. …
FDA Approves New Hope For Migraine Sufferers
I don't get migraines, but several friends tell me they're ten kinds of Hell, and nothing seems to help. There's new hope. The Associated Press reports, the FDA has approved a new device to help prevent the misery of migraines.
Happy 25th Birthday To The Internet!
We use the internet to send electronic mail, pay bills, get our news and purchase almost anything we want.
People can visit a virtually limitless number of websites to obtain a vast amount of information. Data has become the "cash crop" of the 21st century. Corporate entities are constant…
Happy Birthday To The Telephone! (Video)
The first telephone call was made March 10th, 1876. When Alexander Graham Bell called Thomas Watson to say, "Come here. I need You," he couldn't possibly have imagined how his invention would evolve over the next 138 years. When Alexander Graham Bell called Thomas W…

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