CJ and Debbie Ray

CJ’s Daily Message: STOP Living In The Past [VIDEO]
Have you made mistakes? Sure you have, probably many. Have you hurt others and have they hurt you? Of course, that comes with being human. Do you have past regrets? Don't we all? Now STOP beating yourself up over it.
When Using A Debit Card, Should You Select Debit Or Credit?
What is the difference between the 'credit' and 'debit' options when using your debit card? If you use the 'credit' option, does that mean your debit card all of a sudden becomes equal to your credit card? Depending on what option you choose, does the money come out o…
CJ’s Daily Message: Remembering The Day Elvis Died [VIDEO]
August 16, 1977, the news comes on the radio that Elvis Presley, King of Rock and Roll had died at his Graceland mansion, he was 42. I wasn't even a fan, yet it affected me. At only 14 years-old, the news of Elvis' passing had a great affect on me. I guess you might say, my world kinda …

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