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CJ Reads Inspirational Messages 7/19/16 [VIDEO]
My 'weekend' friend left some really good inspirational messages for me last week. He leaves these in my mailbox on Mondays and I like to share them with you. They make me think, reflect and always move me.
CJ Reads Inspirational Messages 7/14/16 [VIDEO]
My weekend friend has left more moving messages that will move you. Three really good ones. These are from last week. Sorry for being late getting these on the KTDY website, things have been a little crazy.
CJ Reads Inspirational Messages 7/4/16 [VIDEO]
My 'weekend' friend leaves inspirational messages for me each week in my mailbox at work and I try to share them with you. These always touch my heart and soul, I hope they do the same for you.

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