The court battle has ended, and soon, Casey Kasem's life. I recently reported, the 82 year old media icon was lying in a hospital, near death, while his children battled with their stepmother over his care. The long time host of "American Top40'' and voice of "Shaggy", from the ''Scooby Doo" cartoon suffers from Lewy Body dementia. It's a condition with symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer's disease. A judge has ruled in favor of Kasem's children who want to withold food, medication and fluids. CBS News reports, Kasem's daughter, Kerri made the following statement, "For people who do not understand the natural dying process: Giving food and water to a dying body creates pain and further suffering. The body does not want or require food or water anymore in the dying process. My father can no longer digest foods and fluids fill his lungs up and will suffocate him. My Dad IS on pain meds." She added the decision is in accordance with her father's wishes.