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A popular cruise line polled its Facebook fans to learn which destinations and travel experiences top their bucket lists in 2011. Respondents answered that their No. 1 destination choice for the coming year is Alaska. One-fourth of respondents resolved to travel to the 49th state in the coming year. Other survey highlights:

- More than one-fourth of consumers chose a U.S. destination over an international location, citing Alaska as their first choice. The Caribbean (15%) and Europe (14%) also made many people’s lists this year, with fewer folks choosing Hawaii (8%); Panama Canal (7%); Africa (5%); Australia (5%); Amazon (4%); Asia (2%); Canada/New England (2%); Mexican Riviera (2%); New Zealand (2%); South America (2%), and India (1%)...

- Spouses and significant others won as the most desired travel companions in 2011, with 68% of respondents planning to take along their “other half.” The next most common co-travelers are good friends (15%); while kids garnered only 6% of the vote as did extended family groups. Even fewer people want to travel with their siblings (3%) and parents (2%) this year.
- Oprah was the most desired celebrity travel companion with 19% of the vote. Other famous folks that travelers wanted to take along included Jack Black (17%); Tina Fey (14%); Bono (12%); Heidi Klum (10%); Mario Batali (8%); Michelle Obama (6%); and Peyton Manning (5%). Future princess Kate Middleton only received 3% of the vote and only 2% of people chose Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (2%). Justin Bieber (1%) and Mike “The Situation” from “Jersey Shore” (1%) were the least popular choices.

[Via: Dial Global]