It's almost 2am as I sit here and type this.  We are just getting in from a long weekend at a relative's camp on a lake in Texas.  Fishing was great, food, friends, family, all great.  BUT:  I did have to look over my shoulder (and under the steps, above my head, and in all the corners) all weekend.  We saw spiders like this one:

I will write about the rest of the weekend tomorrow, but for now: can you identify the spider?  We didn't have cell/internet service at the lake (so I couldn't look it up), and I HAD to post this thing before I went to bed so that I could get an idea of what kind of spider it is first thing in the morning.  Someone help!!  What is it?  (We caught one in a jar, threw in a live cricket, and all heck broke loose!! This spider is vicious!!)